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@swftbot: A Duluth Project

This application is archived and likely no longer functional. It's been left as-is for its nostalgic value.

About this Bot:

@swftbot is a Python app powered by Tweepy built as a public outlet for automation information.

What can I do?


Whoops, you already said that!
Twitter prevents you from posting two tweets with the same content twice in a 24 hour period. [source] To work around this issue, @swftbot permits extra characters at the end of tweets, which are ignored. For example, to toggle the light repeatedly, one might @swftbot light on, @swftbot light off, @swftbot light on again, @swftbot light off plz, ….
@swftbot doesn't respond to your tweets :(
Due to some limitations in the Twitter API, @swftbot can't see your tweets if they're protected. We're looking at workarounds for this, but for the time being that's just the way it is.


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